Listen to mobile phone calls

This includes the phone number, contact name, date, time and call duration specifications.

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You can also view the deleted and missed calls. As the VOIP calls are famous these days because of its economical or free fares. Any calls or messages done or received by your target user can easily be reviewed by you. The complete details get uploaded on the spy server, wherein you can check over it on your online spy account. This aspect is compatible with all the major mobile brands like iPhone, Android, Nokia or BlackBerry.

How do I monitor a call?

To enable this feature you simply need to enter your phone number into your FlexiSpy online account and then make a call on their phone. However the call will not be patched in real time. But it will secretly connect you with your target user and thereafter you can start listening to their surroundings. This feature is similar to the call recording feature wherein you can record and then review it later.

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It is also known as ambient recording, this can let you enable the surround listening for a specific period of time such as from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. This feature empowers you to ambient listening while completely staying hidden.

How to listen to someone’s phone calls remotely?

Click here to visit Flexispy Website. Last but not the least feature in the list of call recording and listening.

Legal Info

Facetime is a chat platform available for iOS devices. To use this feature you require to call from a special Facetime account and thereafter the Facetime spy camera will discreetly turn on the mic and camera to let you see and hear the surroundings of the target user in real time. It is one of the most powerful spy application on the market today that provides the robust monitoring aspects to allow you discover the real truth of your target user. The day money back guarantee let the customer composedly check and understand the software.

Also the continuous and round-the-clock live support helps you better comprehend the features and workability of the software.

How to listen to phone calls online free of charge?

Besides the eavesdropping aspects you are catered with many more monitoring features to get hold of your children, employees and loved ones. The advancement of technology has brought about new ways to eavesdrop on phone calls such as using spy apps. These free or paid applications enable users to monitor phone activities including calls. Find the application you want. Create your personalized app account. Spy apps can track more than just incoming and outgoing calls.

Click here to learn all about this high-tech application. Parents are always concerned about their child. They want to protect them from the various dangerous out in the world including catfishers, sexual predators, and cyberbullies. Employers care about keeping their business and client information private.


They can never be too careful when it comes to securing business data. For employers, knowing who their employees are talking to during work hours can help them be informed and keep their business safe.

What you can do with Call Intercept

Most people in relationships, married or not, often hit a rough patch at some point. In this scenario, they may feel the need to listen to phone calls to see if their suspicions are true. In criminal investigations, law enforcement may tap a cell phone in the effort to uncover evidence.

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For law officials to legally listen to phone calls, they usually need a wiretap order. That sums up how listening to phone calls works and who might consider doing it. I am all about helping parents learn the ins and outs of raising a child from online safety to hiring the best babysitter. Free lifetime upgrades and LIVE people answering the phones.

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